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Each incense distills distinct elements of place and environment into a balanced and modern scent. Packed in Yield's Florida Studio, these incense are handmade and are made an essential oil and fragrance oil blend.

Comes with 15 incense sticks per pack and have an approximate burn time of one hour.
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Entenza - Crisp Notes of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Birch. Inspired by the natural surroundings of the Case Study Homes in the Pacific Palisades. The Entenza incense harnesses the essence of coastal California.

Pomelo - Inspired by Citrus maxima, also known as Pomelo. The Pomelo fragrance combines bright citrus notes with a slightly sweet zest for a balanced yet vibrant composition. Feels like exploring the citrus grove on a warm day.

Sandalwood - Inspired by Santalum album, also known as Sandalwood. The Sandalwood incense exudes soft tones of santal over a base of warm amber undertones. Feels like: a warm cup of tea on a chilly day in the cabin.

Wright - Inspired by the desert setting of the architect's Arizona home, the Wright incense pairs light floral rose with warm sandy tones. The scent brings the outdoors in and crafts natural elements into a rich and distinct composition.

Poivre - Inspired by Piperaceae, also known as Peppercorn. The Poivre incense leads with spiced pepper balanced with a subtle hint of warm cardamom and fresh ginger. Feels like a refreshing hike in the deep woods.

Palo Santo - Inspired by Bursera graveness, also known as Palo Santo. The Palo Santo series blends earthy notes of pine and firewood paired with a zest of citrus. Feels like a pensive walk along the coastal trail.


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