Curve Serpentine Incense Holder

Curve Serpentine Incense Holder


Size 4" x 1" x 1.5"


Create a sacred space with the slow rocking of the Curve Onyx Incense Holder, this incense holder was hand carved with stone carpentry techniques traditional to Perú and certified ethically hand-crafted by experienced artisans. Along with providing a crystal-like texture and a conglomeration of pine green hues, the curved shape adds a touch of weighted luxury when in use and is a playful element when on display.

This serpentine piece uses minerals that come from unique crystal-like stone formations with provenance from the Huancayo region of Junin, Perú and features subtle veining that is alike no other piece.

The colours, shapes and veining will be unique to each product due to the nature of hand carved design and organic materials. Handmade in Peru.
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  • Sepentine


  • Width: 4”
  • Depth: 1”
  • Height: 1.5”


  • Width:
  • Depth:
  • Height:

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  • Seat Depth:
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  • Arm Width:
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