Au Bout De La Riviere

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Au Bout De La Riviere

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Size 50cm x 40cm Artshot


Each black and white photo by Philippe Geslin plunges us into corners of unknown territories, to meet fascinating people who have long been the subjects of our ethnographic surveys. The photographer goes beyond the usual discourses on the connections woven between people and their environments and takes stock, aesthetically, of the daily lives of the communities that he joins for the duration of his missions. Each image is informed by months in the field and lives shared-in cabins, huts, in the savannah, on the rivers and in the Amazonian jungle-so as to present the most accurate and intimate of testimonies. This photograph taken in 2016 in Olbili, Tanzania, presents the life of Maasai farmers. Water is the essential resource for these men and their herd. Given the verticality of the bodies and trees, with the clouds above, there is a clear sense that we seem to find ourselves at the ends of the earth.

Framing Reference Guide:
All of our YellowKorner prints come with sharpness and contrast at the most optimal levels, both in colour and in black and white. Some of these pieces are provided in various options, allowing you to protect them and also customize your display.

- Artshot: print placed in a 40x50 cm or 50x40 cm white matte (frame sold separately).
- Blackout: print placed in a 40x50 cm or 50x40 cm black matte (frame sold separately).
- Aluminum: mounted onto a Dibond© composite aluminum plate, with a layer of anti-reflection film that covers the print, protecting it from humidity and UV rays. No additional framing required.
- Plexi: mounted on aluminum with a plexiglass acrylic plate covering the print, increasing its longevity. No additional framing required.
- Shadowbox: mounted on aluminum with a plexiglass acrylic plate covering the print, fitted into a made-to-measure solid wood frame.

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How it works

All YellowKorner photographs are non-digital prints produced by the expert hand of a professional laboratory. Under the artist’s supervision, the prints are numbered and a certificate of authenticity is provided. With the photographer’s consent, a single photograph can be made available in one or more formats. Once a format is soldout, it is no longer available.
  • Classic – 29cm x 29cm (5000 limit)
  • Large – 60cm x 60cm (500 limit)
  • Giant – 100cm x 100cm (200 limit)
  • Collector – 120cm x 120cm (100 limit)
  • Exception – 150cm x 150cm (50 limit)

YellowKorner democratises art photography through a network of nearly 80 galleries worldwide including one inside Mkt. On our website what you see listed online is what Mkt has available to sell immediately. However, we can always order a print in other formats as long as it is still available. Visit us in-store to learn more.

YellowKorner Concept

YellowKorner was created in 2006 by two friends with an idea and an ambition: to make art photography accessible for all. The concept thus stems from a very simple equation: instead of offering 10 prints for 5000 euros, YellowKorner chooses to publish 1000 for 50 euros while preserving irreproachable standards of quality for all of the prints, finishes, and in selecting photographers.

YellowKorner wishes to provide an outlet for expression for talents from various movements in photography. The only requirement is a truly artistic approach. Contemporary artists thus rub shoulders with the great names in photography (Eugène Atget, Man Ray, Jean Dieuzaide, Slim Aarons, Matthieu Ricard, or Yann Arthus-Bertrand), or period photographers (Kusakabe Kimbei, Nadar, or Léon Gimpel). YellowKorner is a place where the great talents of yesterday, today, and tomorrow meet.

Under the aegis of the founders, an art committee comprising a dozen experts selects YellowKorner photographs. Each member of this committee is an expert in a specific photography movement, ranging from 1880 to the present day. As talent scouts, they are also in charge of selecting the most gifted young international hopefuls of their generation in the field of art photography.


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