2 Part Plant Pot 2

2 Part Plant Pot 2


Size 5"w x 5"d x 8"h


The creations are made in small batches and entirely by hand, ensuring a balance between traditional nature and industrial and architectural influences. The textures, colors and variety of volumes make these works the dream of any interior design lover. Of a special kind, the 2 Part Plant Pot 2 plant pot is made up of two distinct parts. The upper part with particularly geometric lines has a wide opening to accommodate the plant as well as a hole at its base to ensure drainage, comfort and longevity. The equally graphic support collects the drops evacuated by the plant and thus protects the surfaces on which it is exposed. Handcrafted in Catalan earthenware, this astonishing artistic pot is inspired by the coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean where it draws all its elegance. Dressed in a sand shade and provided with a porous texture, to let the plants breathe, and displays a natural sculptural organic beauty.
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